Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Voice



Listen. Learn. Change.

3 Key Objectives

  • A wider knowledge on pronouns and identity for both students and staff so everyone feels comfortable
  • Easier access for Mental Health support, with trained staff & designated room/location(s) on each campus without disruptions of people walking in
  • A more observant and expressive Union, ensuring everyone is fully aware of each change/message we create and access to more direct feedback to ensure feedback is seen and made quicker through VP’s having own pages through social media and website


I am running for VP Voice because I want everyone to experience the enjoyable atmosphere BCU has to offer, I truly believe an upstanding Students’ Union plays such a vital part within it all. I’d be delighted to represent you, your thoughts & opinions, and be that change to help make your experience the best it can be.

I want everyone to feel comfortable and be your own person, to create sessions that explains the importance of identity, creating pronoun badges that you can pick up at the reception located every site, preventing misgendering and promoting inclusivity. 

In addition, I want to make mental health support easier for everyone by organising dedicated room/location(s), with trained staff available on every site so you can visit them whenever you desire. I feel strongly upon this as students are more likely to reach out if the help is there immediately, the zones can also be used for those who are in distress i.e. an anxiety attack.

As VP Voice, I would take it in my stride to ensure you are heard and represented by BCU’s Student’s Union team. I support the idea of each VP having a page to contact so the feedback can be seen a lot quicker so change can be made sooner and when made you will be made fully aware. 

It is important to make the Students’ Union as observant and expressive as possible by also physically seeing the issues that need amending, it would be amazing to promote the great things that are happening also, giving each site credit, ensuring all students are represented equally.

This is my first year at BCU, and I have listened to others about potential changes that need to be made already as I enjoy listening to opinions; with past experience being a student rep, I understand how important it is representing students, I am passionate I would do an amazing job being your VP Voice.

In conclusion, I want you to feel happy while studying at BCU, ensuring you have everything you need to make your experience the best it can be.