Candidate for the position of Vice President Equity & Inclusion



Inclusivity for all!

3 Key Objectives:

More modern gender-neutral toilets. This is expanded further in the main text, but I wish as a university we can take a step forward for inclusivity.

Supporting/raising awareness of cultural events, if we support and raise more awareness for cultural events, we can show why diversity is so important not just within our university but in our lives and workplaces.

Promoting representation events like LGBTQIA+ event and black history month by working with society’s, I wish to promote this more so more people can be educated and learn, so they can see why equality is so important.


I’m running for Vice President Equity & Inclusion as I want everyone to have a positive and safe experience at BCU, whilst having equal opportunities and creating and inclusive learning environment. Where everyone can feel as their authentic selves no mater their race, gender, sexuality, or religion.

This is my third year at BCU, I’ve spent a lot of time of working within my course and the school as a whole through being a course rep in my first year and then a school rep in my second year, hearing different students views and struggles within the university and then trying my best within these roles to help as many people as I could. I believe if I were able to get this role, I can create an even bigger impact and make the university even better for not just us but future students. Furthermore, as queer non-binary student I can identify and understand some problems within in the university for marginalised students as well as working with societies within the university such as LGBTQ+ Society, People of Colour , Multi-Faith Society, and the Neurodiverse Society to just name a few.

I want to look into the opportunities to modernise our university toilet. As at the present time we have a male, female toilet and an all-genders toilet which is just the disabled toilets. I believe within our university we can be a step forwards and either have a toilet block just for all genders (this would be possible with replacing the toilets on the stairs within millennium point) or modernising and replace gendered toilets with toilets with urinals and toilets without. I do understand that this could be too much of a big change for people so I would also like to couple this with educating students on subjects such as gender studies and transgender rights. Moreover, I’ve already been reporting anti-transgender stickers that have been placed around BCU and educating people could reduce the sticker placement as well.

Overall, I want everyone to feel safe and be their best selves at BCU and beyond.