Candidate for the position of Students' Union President

Image of Bilal Hussain

Bilal Hussain

"Realising the student (that's YOU!) comes first!"

3 Key Objectives

  • 1. YOU Come First- implement a University-wide wellbeing structure to ensure your wellbeing is prioritised to the highest level, from locating funding dedicated to student wellbeing, to an accessible hotline, and education and awareness programmes to help everyone better understand how important your mental health is.
  • 2. An Easier Student Life- lobby for reduced tuition fees AND interest-free alternatives, reduce student travel costs by working with local transportation services, and attempt to increase budgets to provide additional, accessible funding to be awarded to students who need it the most.
  • 3. Thinking BIG- work towards a greener University with community support, utilise the STEAMhouse building to give you the opportunity to promote yourself to the employable world, collaborate with other Universities to promote student democracy, accessibility to, and support in, higher education in all campuses, and involving you in change by informing you of policies that impact you.


Hi, I’m Bilal Hussain, a student just like every single one of you reading this.

Ever since 2019, I’ve seen a lot of good things... and bad. We all know COVID is at the top of the list, but we are now in a better position than we were just this last year.

But we have a lot of things to focus on that need to be addressed, and should care about, as we swiftly move forward and adapt to this pandemic.

Those who may know me, you know how much I care about student mental health. Every single one of us has had a mental health crisis at this stage of our lives.

Students can undergo lots of unwanted stress and exhaustion, from deadlines, to personal issues that may interrupt everything, and don’t get me started with student finance.

So how can I help?

I want us talking about the things that make us uncomfortable, that affect us all, or some, but need to be talked about.

My big aim? To prioritise the student. YOU.

But not for just one day. For the foreseeable future, with a University with you always put first.

You might even think, what’s the point? This doesn’t affect me.

I once said this. And well, it’s not easy to think this big as a mere student.

Voting may allow me to work and negotiate with those who run BCU, to fix and address the issues we need to address, even the ones you wouldn’t initially realise just how important they may be to you.

Your vote is so important, you have a chance to now change your BCU, and lessen the struggles YOU may have to face.

Someone needs to help, who knows exactly just what these struggles are, giving BCU a better chance to seeing a sustainable future that involves us all.

If you want someone to truly care, vote for me.

And I promise you, you will be the #1 priority.

Make your vote count, even if it takes you seconds or days to decide who deserves to run your Students’ Union.