Candidate for the position of Vice President Opportunities & Community

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With New vision, New Voice Vote me, make your choice.

3 Key Objectives

1) I would work towards the college specific system in which feedback that would direct educational improvements and follow up with the students.An perception of the quality of library services, IT support with contextual arrangements and changes for the equipment of gym ensuring quality assurance and quality enhancement for the sports related societies.
2.) An opportunity for students to participate in community representation and institutional and program level enabling the dialogue with students ensuring the effectiveness of course design and delivery of learning with professional session for personal development, mental health and the assessment for the internships opportunities and recruitment.
3.) Running an weekly volunteering activities on a special project such as renovating a community and fundraising event. Endeavouring professional competencies lecturers from industry for talks on campus, career trajectories for job market and stock market industry skills.


I am taking this opportunity to serve the students of BCU with the best of my capabilities and to ensure betterment of societies and sports club along with student skills development and employability.

If I get elected, I will ensure that all the faith and cultural society groups will get equality, diversity, and inclusion training, where we can create an open space to listen everyone’s opinion. Meeting all the societies at regular intervals for events and activities and listening to their minor issues so that we can take a step towards their betterment, in nutshell giving them a space where they can provide their input of thoughts vision and opinion which will help all of us to promote sustainable practices within the university.

I have always been interested in sports and have a great experience of leading sports team, I want to work with the sports club to promote the availability of required equipment’s and promote more practice sessions for better performance along with accessible and reliable mental health support for all students.

I wish to work with the classes that entertain the student skills development which would build their personalities and would help them to perform academically as well as with their employability and leadership qualities.

I feel it is important to make student union as present and involved as possible within the university and the student body, by increasing the number of great things happening and increase the SU’s presence in places outside their building.

Being in my first year at BCU, I know the demands of representing the student body when interacting with the university and feel I would do a good job of being your VP opportunities and community.

I feel having more approachable executive officers would promote a sense of community and I would potentially explore the idea of exec having office hours as I feel it could foster the change.

Overall, I feel that this opportunity would give me a chance to support the students and community my helping them resolving issues and understanding their vision and ideas, promoting more sustainable environment in BCU.