Candidate for the position of Students' Union President

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Vishalji ODEDRA

Vote for Vishalji is Vote for Wisdom.

3 Key Objectives:

  • Introduce an inter-course competition in different sports for the students.
  • Encourage clubs and societies to collaborate internally through Student's Union and organise the events for the students.
  • Collaborate with the course leaders to start one-on-one sessions for the students.


I am running because I wish that all students must get useful services and everybody to have a constructive and unforgettable university experience with the union. I will be delighted to represent you and help you to make your experience the best it can be.

I have served as a student representative in BCUIC during my foundational course and have developed skills such as decision making, leadership, communication, and time management so, I believe these make me an ideal candidate.

I believe events are key to making the clubs and societies visible and involved within the union and the university, by promoting different events through student bodies. So, you as a student can explore different cultures and events.

Introducing an inter-course competition will help students to show their expertise in sports. I think by participating in sports and extra curriculum, you can get refreshed from your daily boring life. So, you can interact internally and experience more about sports.

One-on-one sessions will help students to expand in academics and students can solve every educational problem personally. So, I feel these would be useful to every student, especially when one hesitates to speak in front of the whole class. Currently, this facility is more limited to the labs and lectures across the courses.

I think these aims will have a positive impact on the university life of students and the union because I have considered the things that have limited access and can be extended to make university life more interesting and to stay connected with the student’s union and their events.

Currently, I’m in my first year at BCU, but I have spent a lot of time listening to and representing a huge group of students, So I'm familiar with the challenges of representing the students in interactions with the university, and I believe I will be an excellent fit as your President Voice.

Overall, I am running to improve the experience of the university and the union for the students.

Vishalji always runs for the student.

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