We're a socialist group on campus involved in campaigns against racism, austerity, sexism, war and climate change. We have weekly meetings open to all to discuss political ideas, and we hold regular campaigning stalls. We also mobilise for protests and movements. Our BCU SWSS facebook page can be found here.

We're part of a network of SWSS groups across the UK - see our facebook page here. Nationally these are our key campaigning issues:

- No to racism and islamophobia

Those at the top of society want to use racism to divide us, from the bigot in the White House to Theresa May here. The press constantly scapegoat migrants, Muslims and refugees for the problems in society.

We build campaigns against Islamophobia and antisemitism, in support of refugees and EU migrants, and for justice after deaths in police custody.

- Kick the Tories out

The Tories are weak and divided, clinging to the DUP to stay in power. The support for Jeremy Corbyn shows socialist politics are popular and that millions want change. Let’s build that into a mass movement against racism and austerity.

- Fight for socialism

We support Corbyn’s socialist policies, but we need more than just a change in parliament. The key struggles take place in the streets and workplaces. The ruling class of bosses, bankers and media barons won’t let a Labour government implement fundamental change – we need to fight for it from below.

That’s why we agree with Karl Marx. Capitalism benefits the 1 percent and means poverty, oppression and climate disaster. We need to get rid of the system to build a society that puts people before profit.

- No to war – free Palestine!

We support freedom for Palestine and the boycott of Israeli apartheid. We oppose Trident missiles and all imperialist wars.

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