Training the art of persuasion. Negotiating is a key skill required in day to day life both in formal and informal situations. The ability to build upon this skill will provide students with the confidence to tackle such issues in the future, especially in a working environment.  The aim of the society is to allow students to attend our sessions and both witness and participate in activities focused around key skills such as; verbal communication, confidence, teamwork, active listening and emotional control. The sessions created will be fun to break the fear barriers some students may have, yet will weave in each key skill per week. We aim to include all students as negotiating is a skill required in all professions. However, it may appeal to law students in particular as many practical exams require students to display a good level of negotiating.

Meeting every Wednesday at 1pm.



President - Eleni Pavlou

Treasurer - Shannon Stewart

Vice President- Simran Juss


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