Practical self defence, affordable prices, great socials

Jitsu is a martial art based on the traditional styles of Jiu Jitsu that originated and developed in medieval Japan. The core of the art comprises a system of throws, joint locks and strikes. Based on the principal of using an aggressor's energy to their own disadvantage, Jitsu skills can be used by men, women and children to counter aggressive situations ranging from unwanted harassment to armed physical assault.

The university club is run as part of The Jitsu Foundation. The Jitsu Foundation is an organisation with over a hundred clubs in the UK with over 3000 active members and several hundred instructors - including specialists in modern sport forms, traditional forms, weapons training, First Aid and Shiatsu. The Jitsu Foundation is the largest single-style Jiu Jitsu organisation in Britain.

We organise social events with other university clubs and attend regional and national training regularly. Jitsu is a great way to bulid self-confidence and keep fit.


Our sessions are currently waiting on booking confirmation once we have it this part of the site will be updated.


£100 for the year, which includes your insurance, licence, gi and three terms of training!

Your first two lessons are free so why not come and check us out. 

For more info and regular updates please see our page on facebook - search "BCU Jitsu" or follow us onTwitter and Instagram @BCUJitsu

No events currently, but come back regularly to see what we're upto!
No news currently, but come back regularly to see what we're upto!

Election of 2019 / 2020 BCU Jiu Jitsu Committee

If you would like to help run the society for the next academic year, you can put yourself forward as a candidate during the Nominations Period. When the polls open, all members will be able to vote for their preferred candidates. If you are successfully elected onto the committee then you will be invited along to our TeamBCU Training event on Weds 15th May.

5 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 13:00 on Thursday 25 April 2019 (in 5 days and 19 hours)

The polls open at 13:00 on Monday 29 April 2019 (in 9 days)

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