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A statement from your President, Jo Goodman

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Universities create diverse and exciting environments where students from all backgrounds can immerse themselves in a variety of cultures. Education is a powerful privilege and each student has a duty to expand their knowledge of other faiths, cultures, opinions and beliefs. Being a student at Birmingham City University gives us all an opportunity to discuss ideas and have open minded debates about a variety of topics.

BCU is home to one of the most diverse student bodies in Britain, and this in itself should be celebrated! BCUSU is proud to support and work for all our students, and as President, I am extremely privileged to represent such a diverse population. I myself, have immersed myself in a variety of events over the past twelve months, in order to educate myself about different cultures and beliefs. As a white, British woman from a working class family just outside Birmingham, I arrived at BCU with little knowledge of other cultures, other than the Christian beliefs I came here with. It was important for me to learn and understand the values and beliefs of other students around me, and this is something I am extremely passionate about as your Students’ Union President.

BCUSU has recently established an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion group and are seeking to support more students from different backgrounds through the work that the group undertakes. The group will work towards ensuring that all students receive the same amount of support at BCU regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or disability, as well as ensuring that all BCUSU and BCU procedures and policies, are fair to all students. We want to prioritise equality and diversity in all of our work and we will be creating a strategy to tackle any forms of discrimination; promoting acceptance of all students regardless of their background.

This is a gentle reminder, therefore, that BCUSU do not tolerate any form of discrimination both on and off campus. As your Students’ Union and your elected student officers, we will continue working to ensure that all students feel welcome at BCU and are accepted into their academic and social communities, regardless of race, gender, beliefs or ethnicity. Please continue to celebrate your own and each other’s diversity. Do not be afraid to be you!

In unity,
Jo Goodman


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