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A five minute job that could save someone from a life of misery!

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Can you imagine NOT having a say in who you get to spend the rest of your life with?  Can you imagine being with a person you have nothing in common with?  Can you imagine the expectation of having a child with a person you don’t even like?


This time of year is our busiest time with young people concerned about being taken abroad for marriage. The annual day of memory for victims of honour based abuse and forced marriage is approaching on Friday 14th July, which would have been the birthday of honour killing victim Shafilea Ahmed’s birthday.


Forces across the UK will be involved in activity to highlight honour based abuse and forced marriage on this day. This year we have had temporary tattoos made, and what we are asking is that staff and officers who are in the age bracket of 18-24 get involved on social media, or older staff to ask relatives who fit into this group to get involved. As our biggest forced marriage demographic is 18-24 year olds we want to target this group and their contacts via social media on this day.

We want young people to tweet a picture of them wearing our tattoos against forced marriage using the hashtag #stopforcedmarriage and tagging in our @wmpsentinel account.


It’s a five minute job and the awareness it will hopefully raise may save someone from a life of misery.


Please only tweet out the photos of the tattoos on Friday 14th July – the National Day of Memory.


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