Society Reimbursement

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To make a reimbursement claim for items you have bought for your society, there are a few things you need to ensure you take into account. If you don't, we won't be able to process your claim and you will not be refunded.

  • Before you spend any money, you should clear the expense with your Treasurer who, in turn, should ensure the society has the money available to cover the purchase(s).
  • All puchases must be accompanied by an itemised receipt which shows what was bought and the amount you spent. Our finance team will not accept non-itemised receipts or bank/card statements with no individual purchase details.
  • If the claim relates to an event which has taken place, you should also provide proof that the event was advertised to all society members. This should also include linking to your event on our What's On Page on the claim form.

To process your reimbursement, you should log into the admin panel on your society page and then click the finance icon. This will take you to the Student Group Finance module for that specific society.