External Speaker Form

This form can be used by Team BCU Leaders to request an external speaker to come on campus for a society or sport club event.

External speakers can take up to 20 working days to be processed so please consider this when planning your event.

External speakers cannot be advertised until you have received confirmation that they can come on campus.

Event Topic Details:

What is the name of the event?

What will the external speaker be talking/presenting about?

What key issues or points will be made by the external speaker and what will the talk/presentation aim to achieve?

Will the speaker's talk or presentation be wholly in English?


Will you be showing a film at this event?


If yes, which film will you be showing?

Where will this event take place?

On which date will this event take place?

What time is the event likely to start?

What time is the event likely to finish?

Audience Details

Will this event be open to all of your society/sports members to attend?


Will this event be open to all BCU students/staff to attend?


Will this event be open to the general public?


Will there be defined seating arrangements?


If yes, what will the defined seating arrangements be?

How many people do you think will be attending this event?

Where will this event be publicised?

Is there likely to be any media interested in the external speaker?


Will any reasonable access/support requirements be needed by any attendees?


Are there any other details about this proposed event that should be noted?

External Speaker Details

What is the full name of your external speaker:
(Include all known names and aliases. If requesting more than one speaker please state who the main speaker is.)

Please provide links to the External Speaker's website and social media profiles:

External Speakers email address:

External speaker's organisation (If applicable):

Organisations address and postcode:

Event Organiser's Details

Your full name:

Your student ID number:

Your university email address:

Your telephone number:

Which Team BCU Student Group are you booking for?

Do you give permission for these details to be shared with University staff to assist your Coordinator with event organisation where necessary?

Yes, I give permission


If we need to contact you regarding this booking we will use the details provided on this form. If we are unable to reach you, we will contact another member of your committee.

By ticking this box you agree that you have done the following:

  • You have consulted with your Student Group Coordinator about this event
  • You have completed this form to the best of your knowledge and understand the form will only be considered if all necessary information has been provided
  • You understand that the University reserves the right to refuse permission for events and external speakers on University premises following the completion of due diligence, risk assessment and health and safety assessment.
I agree