Equipment Booking Form

This form can be used by Team BCU Leaders to book out BCUSU owned equipment.

Equipment bookings can take up to a week to process, and events requiring multiple pieces of equipment can take up to 2 weeks to confirm.

Equipment must be collected and returned within the Societies, Sports & Volunteering Office open hours which are 10:00 – 16:00, every weekday.

Contact Details

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Which Team BCU Society or Sport are you requesting this equipment for?

Equipment Required

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Equipment Hire Dates

On which date will you need to collect the equipment?

On which date will you return the equipment?

How often do you require this equipment?

Event Details

Where will this equipment be used?

Why do you need to hire equipment for this event?

Have you booked and confirmed the location of this event?


Have you written a Risk Assessment for this event, including use of this equipment?


By ticking this box you agree that you have done the following

  • You have consulted with your Student Group Coordinator about this event
  • If any equipment is lost, damaged or stolen during your hire you will notify the Societies, Sports & Volunteering staff team immediately.
  • You will ensure the equipment is kept safe and locked away when not in use or when left unattended, whilst you have the equipment hired out.
  • You understand that equipment hire is not guaranteed, and is allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • You understand that we will cancel your booking if your Coordinator has not received a complete Risk Assessment from you.