PTKO Paint a Pot- At Craft Cafe Bearwood

Saturday 05 February 2022 3pm - 5pm Craft Cafe Bearwood
Come join us at £10 per head to paint yourself a new mug over at paint a pot Bearwood! If you are hoping to come, make sure you either get in contact with us via Instagram (@ptkosoc) or via our Discord so we can keep track of numbers!

We'll be meeting at the Craft Cafe for 2:50pm, but you can reach out to our community on discord and find out if there is anyone you can travel to the location with! It's £10 per person, and you'll pay this to the cafe upon arrival, and have opportunities to also buy or get more hot drinks in as well. Once the mugs are painted, the cafe will keep them and glaze them before passing them back to us, to appear at the next ptko meeting.

If you hope to come, please reach out to us via our Instagram or discord so we can keep track of numbers!

For covid saftey, we ask that you keep masks on and follow government guidance where possible, with the exception of drinking or those who are exempt. To keep us all safe, we highly recommend that everyone latteral flows prior to arriving, and if you aren't already, get yourself vaccinated!