Journey of the Mind - Art Exhibition

Wednesday 24 November 2021 2pm - 3pm Library of Birmingham, Centenary Sq, B1 2ND
Journey of the Mind - Art Exhibition
This exhibition of self-discovery explores how the mind battles against negative forces within, and how to find peace in troubled times...


Journey of the Mind is a free exhibition, held at the Library of Birmingham from 18th November until 4th December 2021.

Conceived by arts organisation WSWF, and supported by Arts Council England, Journey of the Mind brings Sikh teachings and heritage to a contemporary context to spark conversations and encourage exchange. Going beyond racial and religious boundaries, this travelling exhibition aims to evoke a sense of curiosity about the internal journey of the mind and its positive effects on people’s lives. Featuring figurative drawings and digitally created paintings by Canadian artist Kanwar Singh and short films by British animator Christian Wood.

On Wednesday 24th November at 2pm, BCU students will get the opportunity to have a personal guided tour to discover and take home tools on how to attain a peaceful mind and overcome stress, anxiety and even depression.