Netflix Party: Shrek!

Saturday 25 September 2021 6pm - 9pm Netflix
Netflix Party: Shrek!
Join your VP for Academic Experience, Leanna, in a Netflix Party featuring the famous green ogre, Shrek!


It's another Netflix Party, but this time, you chose the film, and you picked Shrek! 

To join in this Netflix Party, all you'll need to do is have a Netflix subscription (not included in free ticket), and some snacks of your choice! Throughout the film you can chat about the movie with Leanna and all other attendees. 

How to join:

Download the "Teleparty" chrome extension on your browser.

Sign in to your Netflix account with valid credentials

Create a Teleparty by clicking on the chrome extension

Play a TV show or a movie

Join with the link provided from the Officer Team Instagram for the Netflix watch party!