Quiz in the Loft

Thursday 29 April 2021 4pm - 5pm Online
Quiz in the Loft
Hold onto your hats, this week's prize is a good one!
How to Enter

Quiz in the Loft will be hosted on the BCUSU Instagram account (@yourbcusu). All you need to do is watch live at 4pm and submit your answers through our Instagram story before 6pm. Don't worry about finding a team as each person will be entered on their own, (then you don't need to share the prize!).


The winner will be the individual who gets the most correct answers, as standard, and they must be a current BCU student. If there is more than one winner, a name will be drawn at random to choose one winner.

This week's prize is a good one! It's a "Choose your own voucher week"... That's right, you'll be able to choose ANY online platform (as long as they sell vouchers, and it's legal) to get a £50 voucher for!