University Battle / Jang-e-Jaame'at

University Battle / Jang-e-Jaame'at

The Battle is Upon Us!

This weekend, get ready for 'West is East': How cultured are you?

  • Each day you'll be given 3 tasks
  • You'll have 24 hours to submit the tasks for that day
  • Submit your entries via
  • The most creative entries could see you going on a trip to Morocco!

On Monday we begin our 'Sickie Smoothie Challenge'

  • Nominate your friends to drink YOUR smoothie
  • Donate and add your ingredients
  • See your friends drink your smoothie in our 'Head2Head' on Zoom

On Friday, get involved with games and quizzes, watch the 'Sickie Smoothie Challenge' live and hear from our chosen charity; Salam Charity.

All proceeds will be going to Salam Charity, to help build homes for the less fortunate in Azad Kashir, and many more causes InShahAllah

Are you ready?


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 Saturday 16 January 2021
 12:01am - midnight

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