Virtual Diwali Celebration 2020

Friday 13 November 2020 7pm - 9pm Microsoft Teams
Virtual Diwali Celebration 2020
In collaboration with the International Office, we are delighted to invite you to an evening of Diwali celebrations open to all, including your families!

The event will incorporate musical and dance performances, talks, and quizzes. You’ll also be able to take part in competitions including designing and making a virtual Rangoli, and joining a traditional fashion catwalk.

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate Diwali together.

Just press the button below from 7pm on 13th November to join - Need help? Teams help for students on iCity

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  • Video Transcript

    Amir: Hey, Arjun. What Happened? Why are you sad?

    Arjun: Hey. Nothing much.

    Amir: Come on, tell me.

    Amir: What happened? If you don't tell me, who else would you share with?

    Arjun: You know, Diwali, the festival of light is around the corner...

    Amir: Yes, of course.

    Arjun: Last year, BCU had organised it on a large scale.

    Arjun: I had performed with Jaspreet, we had a good time.

    Amir: Yes, I have seen it.

    Arjun: But this year, due to the pandemic, I'm feeling homesick.

    Arjun: You know about lockdown. What can we do, sitting at home?

    Amir: What does it matter, if there is a lockdown?

    Amir: We can still celebrate.

    Arjun: How? As we can't go out.

    Amir: Look at this, BCUSU is organising a huge event for Diwali.

    Amir: Especially, for International students like us, who are staying away from their family and missing their loved ones.

    Arjun: Oh, really?

    Amir: Helping us to meet our family.

    Arjun: How?

    Amir: Open you laptop, let me show you.

    Amir: Open

    Jinal: Namaste! My name is Jinal.

    Amir: And I am Amir.

    Jinal: And we are going to host Diwali Festival, which is going to take place on thirteenth of November.

    Jinal: Starting seven P.M. until nine P.M.

    Jinal: This time is going to be very different.

    Jinal: As the International Office and BCUSU...

    Jinal: Are collaborating together to make it a grand festival of Diwali.

    Jinal: We have for a lot of performances by students, which will represent different cultures.

    Jinal: Following with some activities, like virtual rangoli competition,

    Jinal: virtual fashion show, so make sure you wear traditional clothes.

    Jinal: Also, following with it, a quiz which will be related to Diwali.

    Jinal: We have got a surprise for you, which Amir is going to explain.

    Amir: Yes, the big surprise is that we are going to give you a chance to bring your own family to the show.

    Amir: It will be a chance for us to celebrate Diwali, together with your Students' Union family,

    Amir: and your own families. Hopefully, we will see you all there!

    Amir: Now, tell me, how do you like it?

    Arjun: I'm so relaxed that BCU is again organising the Diwali event.

    Arjun: Thanks, buddy!