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Keep calm and carry on fundraising

written by Amy Horner, Student Groups Coordinator


Over the past few weeks there has been an array of creative fundraising ideas out there; from Captain Tom doing laps of his garden to the thousands of people that got involved in the 2.6 Challenge.

We have started talking to BCU students and the wider community, about their fundraising efforts and their top tips to others looking to organise their own charity events. We’ll be posting these up over the next few months, and we’re kicking it off with the BCU Womens Football Club!

500 Miles for Action Against Allergy

It has become an annual tradition for the BCU Women’s Football Club to hold a charity tournament in memory of Rebecca Moore, a former club member that sadly passed away in 2015. We spoke with Jade Fensom, Women’s Football President 19/20, to see how the club has managed to continue without a tournament:

“With the news about COVID-19, I knew the tournament was going to be cancelled. I had planned to make it a bit more special this year and more dedicated to Bec, as the date of the tournament was her 5 year anniversary. With it being cancelled, I didn't want us to not do something. I came up with an idea after seeing other sport teams do something similar, another big part was that with our team being promoted this season I wanted to encourage fitness but not in a demanding way, so with the help of committee we developed the idea of doing 500 miles for Bec and Action Against Allergy. 

"It wasn't complicated to organise, everyone loved the idea and wanted to get involved as much as they could. We set up a group on the app Strava to record what we were doing and we communicated through our football chats, motivating and encouraging everyone. 

"I'm over the moon with the response we have received, and a lot of thank you messages from Bec's friend that we're still doing something in memory of her. We've raised £725 so far (last time I checked) and have the next two days to finish the 500 miles, of which we have already done 425. Personally, I see it as successful as it's included everyone in the club and given people things to do and look forward to during this strange time. Players that may have been perceived as not the fittest have improved so well in the short space of a week. And, players that may be feeling down or fed up, it's given them a reason to leave the house and do exercise.”



Progress Update: The Women’s Football Club have now completed 563 miles and raised £820, (£320 over their target!). If you would like to donate too then you can: click here for their fundraising page




Jade’s Top Tip for Fundraising:

“You've got to be passionate. Really care about the cause you're fighting for and don't give up. What have you got to lose?”


If you’re passionate about fundraising, then why not take it one step further? Join the Raise and Give society committee and you could host a range of fundraising events for charities and support other BCU students to do the same. For more information, email


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