Your Elected Vice President Engagement for 2018-2019

Your Vice President Student Engagement is responsible for developing and driving a communications strategy to raise awareness and build student involvement. This will ensure there is a reduction in barriers to communication and devlop a bespoke Students' Union presence on each campus.

Sahib's Manifesto Pledges

  • Collaborate with different societies, students with the different race, colour and background to accomplish common goals and encourage them to help each other and respect each other.
  • Spending time outside the SU office or spending most of my time amongst students to know them closely and to interact with them more, to discourage, ‘them and us’ attitude and encourage more equality among students.
  • Become Available and Approachable, Motivate and Support, Respect all individual. oppose language barrier because it more communication means better understanding.
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1st Floor, Curzon