Your Elected International Students' Officer for 2017-2018

Your International Students' Officer is responsible for working closely with international students to ensure awareness of issues and concerns and implement campaigns to ensure the needs of international students are met.

About Andreea Cristina Mihai

Hello, I am Andreea the elected International Students Officer. During my year here I want to create a community for International students where they can make friends, form relationships and take every opportunity they can get. I want International students to feel welcome here and make the most out of their time at university. As an international student myself, I understand the struggles that International students face while studying abroad. I want to be one of the people that support them and also the person they can come to when they can’t find a solution. I am a friendly sociable and kind person, that likes to help others and also have a good time..

Manifesto Pledges

  • Open and host a Scratch Radio show for international students
  • Organise monthly meetings where students from different countries can experience other cultures and learn more about other countries' traditions
  • Organise specific food nights where groups of students from a certain country can bring traditional food and share it with others

Get In Touch

  • 0121 331 6801

Meet The Execs

You can find me and the other Execs in the SU Offices, First Floor, Curzon Building, City Centre Campus.