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The Howard League for Penal Reform is the oldest charity of it's kind in the UK.


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The Howard League for Penal Reform needs you as a member!

For just £3* YOU could benefit from...

  • Joining the oldest and most influential penal reform charity in the world
  • Meeting with likeminded students
  • Invitation to a series of guest lectures including talks by leading Criminologists, Sociologists, Lawyers, Psychologists and Ex-Offenders
  • Resources for your coursework
  • The chance to get your Masters Degree paid for at BCU
  • An opportunity to make a difference, and provide a voice for those who are unable to speak for themselves
  • Exciting upcoming Howard League fundraising social events

* At least £1.50 of your membership fee is donated to the Howard League. 


The Howard League for Penal Reform is the oldest penal reform charity in the UK. It was established in 1866 and is named after John Howard, one of the first prison reformers. The Howard League for Penal Reform is entirely independent of government and is funded by voluntary donations and membership subscriptions.

  • The Howard League for Penal Reform wants a safer society where fewer people are victims of crime

  • The Howard League for Penal Reform believes that offenders must make amends for what they have done and change their lives

  • The Howard League for Penal Reform believes that community sentences make a person take responsibility and live a law-abiding life in the community

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HOWARD LEAGUE STUDENTS - Winner of Most Improved Society 2011/2012

The Howard League has student groups in over 25 universities in England and Wales; campaigning, fundraising and raising awareness of penal reform issues and the work we do. We support our students with free materials, training and opportunities for volunteering and internships.

If you want to make a difference on the crucial issue of justice, make sure rights are upheld in prison, learn more about penal reform and help raise public awareness, as well as gaining valuable experience in campaigning, organising events and fundraising, make sure you get involved!

In the future

  • Academic: We are hoping to host many lectures and talks this year from convicted criminologists to organisations working with prisoners families. We have a range of ideas but welcome you all to make suggestions of your own. A couple of our current propositions are networking events with employers and having the opportunity to get involved at national conferences. 
  • Experience: We will also be inviting ex-prisoners to come in and speak to our students about the realities of prison and life inside. Many criminal justice organisations will be invited in to speak to students about their organisations and work that they do, with particular relevance to crime and justice. There are also opportunities to volunteer with organisations such as Newbridge and PrisonLink.
  • Social / fundraising: We are working with the legal society to promote social events and evenings so that you can all meet each other and connect with people who have similiar interests to yourselves.


Meetings are not frequent, however if you have a suggestion, query or any other comment feel free to email the president of the society using the email address further down the page.


The BCU Howard League Committee

Danielle Balach – President

Catherine Gall – Secretary

Zoe Boucher – Vice President

Tamsin Williams - Co-Vice President

Hope Williams - Treasurer

Poonam Bisla – Marketing Officer

Asja Ivanova - Publicity Officer

Tara Williams - Fundraising Officer

James Cobbett - Social Secretary

Melindy Brown - Events Co-ordinator

Aksa Hussain - Academic Events


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