What's it all about?

Spend your next 5 minutes doing something really worthwhile! Fill out the National Student Survey and help your University on its mission to donate almost £10,000 to charity!

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an opportunity to make sure your opinion on your university experience is heard. It’s the perfect chance for you to tell us what you liked and disliked about the duration of your time here at BCU! Your feedback will not only be used by us to improve the experience for current students, but will also act as a guide for potential students when they are deciding on where and what to study. The survey is administered by Ipsos Mori, so please be assured that you and your answers will remain anonymous at all times.


Reading your comments and acting on your feedback, will be the biggest way we can build on the points you raise as being our strengths, and improve on any weaknesses, so please make sure that you are totally honest and leave as many comments as you can. We want BCU to continue to be a brilliant university, and it is by constantly listening to you and acting on your feedback, that we can become even better!


What’s more, for every student that completes the survey, the University will donate £2 to charity, as chosen by your Students’ Union. This means that if every final year student fills out the survey, BCU will donate almost £10,000 to charity!

What’s in it for me?

Give us your 3 year review and help prospective students make the right choice about BCU!


To show you how important your feedback is to us, you will receive the following just for completing the survey:

  • 100 Free Printer Credits
  • Satisfaction that BCU have donated £2 to charity

You could also be in with a chance of winning:

  • 5 x £50 Amazon Prize Draws (drawn in May 2014)
  • £100 cash in weekly prize draws


So far, we’ve raised £6,602!

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As of 2pm, Wednesday 30th April 2014


Where's it all going?

In 2014, the RAG (Raise and Give) Society at your Students’ Union, is raising money for 3 charities in a variety of ways. One of these ways will be through a £2 donation from the University; for every final year student who completes the NSS. This money will be split equally between the following 3 charities:

The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society is a children’s charity that help children of varying faiths, including children at risk on the streets, disabled children, young refugees, young carers or those within the youth justice system.

ChildHope UK

ChildHope UK is an international children’s charity supporting children in some of the poorest countries. Millions of children face poverty and violence in their everyday lives and ChildHope UK believes all children deserve a life free from injustice and abuse.


Sense is a national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind. Sense was established from a support group in 1955, set up by parents whose children were born with Rubella.


The stats so far?



As we value your feedback, you may recently have been asked to take part in a survey that was ran by us, here at the Faculty of Health.


From what you told us we know that we are doing some things really well:

  • You liked the campus and the fact that you have access to some world leading clinical skills facilities and equipment that allows you to develop you practical skills in a safe environment.
  • You really valued the fact that your course is geared toward helping you to get the job that you want. An amazing 90% of our graduates found that employers need the skills and knowledge that you have developed with us.
  • You said that it was vital that we gave you the opportunity to benefit from real-world practical experience through thousands of placements that we are able to offer in partnership with a large number of placement partners.
  • You said that our staff were friendly and knowledgeable and that we provided you with excellent support to help you get the most out of our studies. In fact we know that through their help over 60% of you will graduate with a first or upper second class degree award.

We also know that we can improve on the following:

  • You told us that sometimes your timetable could be better organised. To do this we are moving to more electronically available personal timetables. We are setting up a series of working groups that will have student involvement to look at where we can make improvements. We will be able to tell you promptly about any changes that we make and you will have much more advanced notice about your timetable and where and what sessions you will need to attend.
  • You felt that on some courses we could do more to help you prepare for assessments, so we have made a commitment to review all of our modules and how they are assessed. Again a working group will also be looking at how we provide you with feedback, both on how you are doing, but also how you can improve.
  • You felt that we should be helping you to submit your work electronically and we will be introducing this facility for all students throughout 2014.

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As a Faculty we value highly your feedback and seek to find ways of working with you in partnership to enhance the learning experience of all our students. Our Student Advisory Board, chaired and managed by students from across our courses, is one key way that we receive feedback from you, as is the dialogue between us and your Course and School representatives. Since September we have been working on the outcomes of the 2013 NSS. However, since we want to ensure that we have up to date feedback, it is not surprising that we don't just rely on the NSS so back in November or December you may have been asked to take part in a similar survey.


From what you told us we’re glad that you think we are doing some things well:

  • You find your studies interesting and stimulating, taught by tutors who are enthusiastic about their subjects.
  • You value the support you are given to help you get the most out of your studies. In fact we know that through this support over 60% of you will graduate with a first or upper second class degree award.
  • You value feedback on your work and would like more opportunity to make use of this to improve future assessment outcomes.
  • You value opportunities to participate in placements, voluntary work and careers events that will enhance your employability skills. We know that, through participation in such things, 94% of you will be in work or further study within six months of graduating from us.
  • You want to have a clear point of information about your courses so we are glad that you are pleased with the new arrangements for submission and hand back of work.

Your feedback has helped us understand where we need to enhance things so:

  • You told us that sometimes your timetable could be better organised and given to you further in advance. To do this we are exploring the use of electronic personal timetables and we are working with all course teams to ensure that timetables are given to you much earlier so that you can manage work and other commitments around your studies.
  • We know that you need effective communication about changes to courses and timetables so will be making more use of text messaging to tell you promptly about any changes that we have to make. Please remember to tell us if you change your mobile/smart phone number so that we can make this work effectively.
  • You felt that on some courses we could do more to help you prepare for assessments, so we have made a commitment to review many of our modules and how they are assessed. As part of this review we’ll also be looking at how we provide you with feedback, both on how you are doing, but also how you can improve.
  • We know how important employability is to you so we are reviewing all our courses to ensure that all of them provide high quality opportunities for you to develop the skills and experiences that will help you into graduate jobs or relevant training.

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An important new era in the history of Birmingham City University began this year. The opening of the Parkside building marked a key stage in the development of your City Centre campus, as part of a £180 million, five year plan to create the best possible learning experience.


But a lot more has changed this year too. In response to your feedback and in discussion with your course reps and the Students' Union, we...

  • Extended opening hours in the library and general computer labs at evenings, weekends, and holidays;
  • Introduced student demonstrators into classes, to give additional learning support and increase student employment opportunities;
  • Piloted flexible learning spaces able to be converted between lab and classroom formats;
  • Offered more opportunities to get involved in the running of courses (more students employed than ever before; a new system of school Senior Reps; peer-to-peer induction and mentoring programmes)
  • Extended the Personal Tutor system to all students in the Faculty, along with new ideas such as offering 'Take your tutor to coffee' vouchers;
  • Installed a new ‘internet café’ area in the much extended Café@MP;
  • Developed new systems to communicate key course information (the Your Course portal; text messages for urgent updates; personalised timetables; Year Planners for all undergraduate students);
  • Extended employer partnerships to offer more work experience through industrial projects.

However, we know that we also have more to do to keep improving. Specific issues on modules and courses have been passed to the staff concerned for action, but more generally we know from your feedback that:


You said...

  • Access to computers is still an issue and you would like more terminals
  • You find it frustrating when the return of coursework is delayed
  • You want the opening hours of the building to be extended further
  • For some of you the timetable did not work very well this year.

In response, we are...

  • Immediately investing £70K in providing 48 new laptops for loan, to be installed on the Level 2 bridge shortly along with extra seating
  • Developing a new system to track the return of work. Remember too that feedback comes in many forms, including verbally in class
  • Gathering information on your precise needs and planning to make an announcement shortly
  • Already planning the 2014/15 schedule for early release, to improve your experience and ensure that you receive timely information

Download the full TEE Faculty Student Experience Briefing 2014


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Hello, I am Paul Glennon, Associate Dean Student Experience. 


My job is to develop and nurture a strategy to enhance the Student Experience across BIAD. We have introduced the Dean's Proposition and the Faculty Actions, find some of the achievements below!


You said you wanted modern facilities and a replacement for the Gosta Green campus... The University built a 62 million pound state of the Art campus (Parkside)


You said you wanted more connections across the Schools in BIAD... In conjunction with the Student Union, BIAD now has a Faculty 'yourBIADsociety' Facebook Group and a Faculty Twitter account 'BIADNews' with well over 1400 followers...


You said you wanted better Faculty communications with basic information provided... The Faculty has a dedicated landing page on iCity icity.bcu.ac.uk/BIAD with all the frequently asked questions answered...


You said you wanted longer opening hours in Parkside… From the 10th of March Parkside will be open from 7.30 to 22.30 (Monday to Thursday), and from 7.30 to 19.00 (Friday, and Saturday). On Sunday you can access the Library at Millennium Point, which is open from 10.00 to 19.00 during term time... The Faculty has hired students through theOpportUNItyscheme to be Workshop Monitors to extend the workshops opening hour…




Thanks to this the overall satisfaction in the NSS has increased by 20% over the last three years!


Want your Voice to be heard?? Contact Student Reps!    


Jack Marder School of Art Jack.Marder@mail.bcu.ac.uk

Jordanna Holton School of Architecture Jordanna.Holton@mail.bcu.ac.uk    

Joelle Tuqatijian School of FT3DD  Joelle.Tuqatijian@mail.bcu.ac.uk              

Ruth Hallows School of Jewellery Ruth.Hallows@mail.bcu.ac.uk             

Chris McFall School of VISCOM Chris.Mcfall@mail.bcu.ac.uk


We meet regularly with your School Reps to hear your feedback and to plan action to improve your student experience.


IN THE PIPELINE: Laptops for lending to students will be in place later this year to support the computer area over the bridge. Also, with the other Faculties we are going to monitor the quality of kit via CICT.


We have worked hard to enhance the student experience and engagement at BIAD over the past 5 years. Together with Students’ Union and CELT, we have involved 110 Student partners to work with 41 Staff partners on 50 projects to improve your learning experience, and increase student participation.


Download the full BIAD Faculty You Said We Did Details


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