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What's it all about?

Spend your next 5 minutes doing something worthwhile! Fill out the National Student Survey and help your University's mission to donate almost £10,000 to charity!

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an opportunity to make sure your opinion on your university experience is heard. It’s the perfect chance for you to tell us what you liked and disliked about the duration of your time here at BCU! Your feedback will not only be used by us to improve the experience for current students, but will also act as a guide for potential students when they are deciding on where and what to study. The survey is administered by Ipsos Mori, so please be assured that you and your answers will remain anonymous at all times.


Reading your comments and acting on your feedback is the best way we can build on the points you raise as being our strengths, and improve on any weaknesses, so please make sure that you are totally honest and leave as many comments as you can. We want BCU to continue to be brilliant, and it is by listening and acting on your feedback, that we can become even better!


What’s more, for every student that completes the survey, the University will donate £2 to charity, as chosen by your Students’ Union. This means that if every final year student fills out the survey, BCU will donate almost £10,000 to charity!

What’s in it for me?

This is your opportunity to give feedback on your student experience! It’s quick to complete and you’ll be helping prospective students make the right choices about what to study at BCU!


So far, we’ve raised £6,458!

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As of 3pm, Friday 1st May 2015


Where's it all going?

In 2015, your Students’ Union, is raising money for 3 charities in a variety of ways. One of these ways will be through a £2 donation from the University; for every final year student who completes the NSS. This money will be split equally between the following 3 charities:


Acorns offers a network of care for life limited and life threatened children and young people, and their families, across the West Midlands. These children and young people are not expected to reach adulthood and require specialist care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Pump Aid

Pump Aid is committed to achieving lasting positive change in people’s lives by improving the quality, availability and use of water with communities in need. Their vision is to improve the availability and use of safe, protected water for the most vulnerable communities in Malawi and beyond.


The Motor Neurone Disease Association is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on Motor Neurone Disease care, research and campaigning. MND is a life-changing illness and mnda are dedicated to making each change as smooth as possible. trigger

The stats so far?

% of completed surveys



As a Faculty we value highly your feedback and seek to find ways of working with you in partnership to enhance the learning experience of all our students. From what you have already told us we know that we are doing some things really well:

  • You value the support you are given to help you get the most out of your studies. In fact we know that through this support over 60% of you will graduate with a first or upper second class degree award.
  • Those of you based at Edgbaston like the City South campus and the fact that you have access to some world-leading clinical skills facilities and equipment that allows you to develop you practical skills in a safe environment.
  • You really valued the fact that your course is geared toward helping you to get the job that you want. Many of our courses have employment rates well over 90% within 6 months of completion and our former graduates found that employers need the skills and knowledge that you have developed with us.
  • You value the crucial opportunity to benefit from real-world practical experience through thousands of placements that we are able to offer in partnership with a large number of placement providers in the region.

Your feedback has also helped us understand where we need to enhance things:

  • You told us that sometimes your timetable could be better organised and given to you further in advance. To do this we are exploring the use of electronic personal timetables and the use of text messaging to tell you promptly about any changes that we have to make, as well as moving to greater centralisation of timetabling.
  • You felt that on some courses we could do more to help you prepare for assessments, so we are reviewing our modules and how they are assessed as part of validation and on-going minor modification processes.

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We’re delighted that 88% of Business, Law and Social Sciences final year undergraduate students were satisfied with their overall learning experience. In particular, it’s great to know that:

  • 88%of you find your studies interesting and stimulating, and 86% are pleased to be taught by tutors who are enthusiastic about their subjects;
  • 92% find that our staff explain things well, enabling you to enjoy your studies and get the most from them;
  • 84% of you value the support you are given to help you get the most out of your studies. In fact we know that, through this support, well over 60% of you are likely to graduate with a first or upper second class degree award – a figure that is improving year on year;
  • You value the advice and guidance you are given to make the most of your studies and opportunities so we’re pleased that 89% of you say you can access staff easily and that 83% of you think your timetable works well;
  • You value opportunities to participate in placements, voluntary work and careers events that will enhance your employability skills. We know that, through participation in such things, around 90% of you will be in work or further study within six months of graduating from us;
  • 88% find the learning resources available to you helpful and accessible, and that 90% of you have good access to IT equipment.

However, we are always trying to get better! Your feedback has helped us understand where we need to enhance things so:

  • You told us that you need to receive feedback in good time so that you can improve your work. We have introduced assessment briefs across the Faculty so that you know exactly when you will receive your work back – and we are monitoring all modules to ensure that deadlines are met by all staff.
  • You need high quality feedback to understand where and how you can improve your work. We agree and are working with all our course teams to ensure that you get the support and feedback you need.
  • We know how important employability is to you so we have reviewed all our courses to ensure that all of them provide high quality opportunities for you to develop the skills and experiences that will help you into graduate jobs or relevant training.

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As you come towards the conclusion of your studies, we hope that – as part of the CEBE Class of 2015 – you’ll be proud to be a graduate of your course, school, and university; and look back on the experiences you’ve had as some of the most memorable and rewarding of your life!


We always seek to work in partnership with you, and your feedback is absolutely invaluable to us in the continual improvement of our courses. As part of our ongoing work to improve the support we offer you, this year we have appointed a team of Graduate Student Success Advisors. In December, they ran a feedback survey for you, and as a result significant changes are already in hand.


We know we have many other things we need to do to improve as well, but already, with your help, we have achieved the following:

  • You told us you wanted longer access to the building. Hours have been extended until 10:30pm, with 24 hour library access in the main assessment periods and further extension under discussion.
  • You told us it was frustrating when equipment broke down in our teaching spaces. We have immediately invested £30,000 in new equipment for our labs, and a revised system of regular inspection of all equipment in all rooms, including open access labs and breakout spaces, has been introduced.
  • You told us you needed more IT access. 48 additional self-hire laptops have been ordered, and £80,000 committed to convert a new 40-seat IT lab, which will open in late February (MP 135). We are working with CICT to ensure appropriate software is provided on current and new laptops.
  • You told us you wanted greater clarity on the return of marks and feedback. The expected feedback date is now provided on ‘Your Course’, and a brand new system to monitor it has been implemented across the faculty./li>

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